Babies at risk of cerebral palsy receive special care

Posted on Tuesday, 1 October 2019

A $10,000 donation by Canterbury League Club to Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA) has assisted in supporting babies at risk with life-changing care and therapy.

Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a physical disability that affects movement and posture and is the most common physical disability amongst children. It occurs when there is damage to the developing brain of the child during pregnancy.

CPA’s program, called the ‘Early Response Therapy Program for Babies at Risk of Cerebral Palsy’, aims to provide early intervention and care to babies during the critical first year of life. Doctor-referred babies will receive 30 hours of specialised therapy which has the potential to reduce the severity and impact of disability for each child and their family over their lifetime.

The support includes occupational therapy, speech therapy and physiotherapists, as well as other specialised assessments which can inform diagnosis and disability planning support for each child into the future. It also includes mental health assistance to parents and caregivers of CP babies to help reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

“At $5,850 per baby, the generous contribution from Canterbury enabled CPA to help two children with 51.3 hours of support, creating life-changing positive benefits for those babies and their families,” said Tessa Gosselin, Events Manager for Cerebral Palsy Alliance.

“Every day a baby is diagnosed with CP so there is a great need for a program like this to provide these babies and their families with a specialised solution,” said George Coorey, Chairman of Canterbury League Club.