Posted on Thursday, 29 November 2018

30 students from Belmore South Public School have been actively participating in Belmore PCYC’s newest program ‘Fit & Active.’

To help support and fund the program, Canterbury League Club has donated $6,100 through the ClubGrants Scheme.

The program aims to educate children on the benefits of physical activity, healthy eating and social inclusion.

As technology advances, children are adapting and are spending more time on the screen instead of outdoors leading to an increase in obesity.

To counter attack the growing problem, the Fit & Active program is an affordable way to get children in the area more physically active.

‘Many families in our area are from low socio-economic backgrounds who find it difficult to afford extracurricular activities. By supporting the program more children can take part in something that will benefit them in the long term,’ said George Coorey, Chairman of Canterbury League Club.

‘It’s never too early to start a positive behavior of regular exercise. The program will have a positive impact on the lives of participants through physical and mental wellbeing.’

Under the guidance of qualified instructors, children are provided with an opportunity to engage in physical activity which may not have been previously offered to them.

The program teaches participants techniques on how to enhance social and communication skills, development of self-discipline, encourage physical activity, learning to set and achieve goals, increased self-esteem and the ability to work in a team.

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