Brand new kitchen equipment boosting Meals on Wheels

Posted on Thursday, 21 January 2016

A $47,100 donation from Canterbury League Club has been the perfect amount for Canterbury Meals on Wheels to purchase two brand new combi-steamer ovens and a refrigerator.

“Our old equipment was over 16 years old and required costly services and part replacements which impacted on our costs to clients. The beauty of our new ovens is that it will steam foods, dry-cook foods or do a combination of these two. It has the capacity to cook between 80 -150 meals per day or session, so is a perfect choice for us,” said Christine Pape, Manager at Canterbury Meals on Wheels.

The new equipment has been a great help to the organisation as they are able to produce a greater variety of menu items each day as well as cater to the different dietary requirements of their client base which range from diabetics and people with symptoms such as coeliac and irritable bowel syndrome.

The not-for-profit food service, based in Campsie, delivers prepared meals to people who are frail or elderly, or have a disability, or who are a carer. In the past year, they have delivered approximately 45,500 meals to 354 clients living in the Canterbury Local Government Area. Their services and nutritious meals have been so popular with the local community that their client base has grown by 20 per cent since 2014.

“Here at Meals on Wheels we pride ourselves on producing high quality meals which meets our clients’ dietary requirements as well as catering to their preferences. The meals are nutritious and provide a balanced meal for an affordable price,” said Christine.

“Our volunteers who deliver the meals are also a friendly face and act as an informal monitoring service; checking on the clients’ well-being, and reporting any concerns to the office for us to action. This includes us checking with relatives and even hospitals if we cannot get a response from the client and where necessary, calling out emergency services.”

“We are proud to be able to support Canterbury Meals on Wheels. They deliver an important service which cares for people who are unable to shop and cook for themselves because of a disability or lack of mobility. Not only is having a nourishing meal important to staying healthy, this service also helps clients remain independent in their own homes,” said Dr George Peponis OAM, Chairman of Canterbury League Club.