Canterbury League Club Supports The Danii Foundation

Posted on Friday, 28 December 2018

Diabetes Type 1 impacts over 140,000 Australians. Those diagnosed are at risk of a life threatening silent killer called ‘Dead in Bed’ syndrome. The symptoms of Diabetes Type 1 are often easy to miss.

Canterbury League Club has teamed up to support the Danii Foundation by donating $8,130.

The Danii foundation aims to help all people living with type one diabetes by being able to provide them with a life saving continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) device through a 12-month scholarship program.

The CGM is a small wearable device that measures glucose levels throughout the day and night. When levels are critical either too high or too low an alarm will let the user know. The advantage of using such a machine is that these devices reduce the frequency of daily finger prick tests.

Two locals have been enrolled in the program and are able to use the life saving device.

One of the locals, Naomi Hope used to have to receive updates every 5 minutes about her blood sugar and glucose levels.

Naomi has been able to live her life without having the anxiety of being too far from home.

Just recently, Naomi has taken her first trip to Queensland and is now expecting her 2nd child.

“Canterbury League Club is proud to have partnered with the Danii Foundation. The relationship between both organisations has helped many Australians who live with diabetes access services and medical devices that are life changing,” said George Coorey, Chairman of Canterbury League Club.

“Locals like Naomi are able to manage their diabetes better and to be able to experience new outlook on life.”