Changes to Canterbury membership structure

Posted on Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Several changes to Canterbury’s membership are to take effect immediately after having been passed at the recent Canterbury League Club Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 19 March.

The Associate Member class has been dissolved and all existing Associate Members have been transferred to Full Membership. This means that if you were previously an Associate Member then you can now enjoy all the benefits of Full Membership. To take advantage of these benefits you will need to obtain a new membership card when you next visit one of our clubs. You may choose to retain your existing card if you wish and it will remain valid, however you will not be able to use it to gain discounts at eligible outlets.

Members and guests will be pleased to learn the new cost of annual membership at Canterbury has been reduced to $5 for one year or $20 for five years for regular members and $3.50 for one year or $14 for five years for pensioner members.

Along with the new membership prices, members have voted to change from the existing fixed annual renewal date in favour of renewing each member’s membership on the anniversary date of their joining. This will ensure that all new members will receive a full year’s membership upon joining as well as spreading the administrative burden of renewals over the full twelve months.

These changes will bring Canterbury’s membership more in line with other contemporary clubs and assist the club in growing its membership numbers.

The Club recognises that existing full members have already paid for up to five years under the previous fee structure. As a reward for your loyalty all existing full members who joined prior to the changes will shortly receive a voucher for the difference between what they have remaining on their membership and what they would have paid under the new pricing model. The voucher will be distributed in the next 6 weeks. 


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