One of the Rewards available to Platinum and Blue Diamond Members is the provision of a Daily Meal Account to spend on in-Club dining at Canterbury, The Lakemba Club or Moxon Sports Club.

The Daily Meal Account is $20 for Platinum Members and $60 for Blue Diamond Members.

The Daily Meal Account resets each day at the close of trade at approximately 6am. Any unspent amount from the Daily Meal Account is forfeited.

New Platinum or Blue Diamond Members will receive their first Daily Meal Account on the morning after they reach their Platinum or Blue Diamond Status.

Following are the Terms and Conditions of the Daily Meal Account:

  1. The Daily Meal Account may be used to purchase food or non-alcoholic beverages from all outlets except for The Dynasty Chinese Restaurant.
  2. Only the Platinum or Blue Diamond Member (whose name appears on the card) may order items using their Daily Meal Account. Member Cards are not transferable, and Members are not permitted to pass their card to another person to utilise their Daily Meal Account. A Member may use their Daily Meal Account to purchase items for another person so long as the other person is in their immediate presence while they are dining.
  3. The Daily Meal Account is strictly for in-club dining use only. No takeaway is permitted. This includes no takeaway items from The Bakehouse Café or The Lakemba Café and no takeaway of unfinished meals in other restaurants. The only exception to this is takeaway coffee, which is limited to a maximum of one item per person.

Any breach of the Daily Meal Account Terms and Conditions may result in the suspension or cancellation of the Daily Meal Account for the Member.