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DJ KC Event
Saturday 30th December 8pm


DJ KC started his DJ career in the mid 80’s. He started as a mobile jock and was known for playing mainly Funk.

He broke into the club circuit in 1990, starting off in Sydney’s renown clubs such as Kinselas, The Dome, and Ziguratt. Being a DJ for acts such as Bad Reputation, E.S.P, and Lill Harris who were breaking Hip Hop to the Australian market at the time, he was constantly on stage performing trick sets.

He was asked to do a 4 Deck trick show at a rave recovery club called sundayz at the Pavillion, and after seeing the enormous response, promoters realised that Turntable tricks and scratching was not only for Hip Hop and soon KC found himself playing at various raves supporting acts such as Ultrasonic, The Dream Team, DJ Slipmatt, and many more.

His passion for performing tricks and live remixing lead him to win the Australian DJ Championships 3 years consecutively with a 5th placing in the world. Since then KC has supported many Hip Hop acts such as Naughty by Nature, Coolio, and House of Pain.

Within the last decade, he has worked in almost every club across Australia playing everything from Hip Hop, R&B, Funk, Disco, House, and Techno. He now plays an eclectic range of genres and mash-ups for ever-evolving dance floors and venues.

Location: Bartega