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Walkabout Reptiles

We offer a fun and interactive display suitable for children age 4 years and over. Shows consist of about a one-hour presentation of live snakes (non-venomous), lizards, a frog and baby crocodile and related props are introduced with an emphasis on their importance in the environment and need for these animals’ conservation. Children are also able to gently touch the animals throughout the display with a focus on personal safety and hygiene. The show also includes guitar and singing.

Wednesday 22nd April at Paragon Room

Doors Open 10:30am | Showtime 11:00am
Members $5pp | Visitors $5pp

Canterbury Bistro


Feeling hungry before the show? Start your night off right with a pre-show dinner at Canterbury – choose from a great range of restaurants and cafes including The Bistro, Bakehouse Café, The Dynasty.

The Bistro Bakehouse Cafe The Dynasty

Bookings are recommended. Showtime is 8pm so we recommend a booking prior to 6.30pm.