Posted on Sunday, 22 December 2019

Walk through the front of C-Life Health Club and Margaret’s smiling face is a hard one to miss as she welcomes members through the doors. Her dazzling smile, this time tinged with a mischievous glint, is still on her face as she encourages her clients to do just one more squat, one more lunge, one more curl, just one more!

This month we sat down with the energetic Personal Trainer (PT) and C-Life Team Leader to speak about health, diet and her time at Canterbury.

Margaret started working at C-Life in March 2006 as a group fitness instructor. She currently instructs BodyPump every Wednesday morning so anyone interested in working up a sweat and challenging their muscles can catch her there.

Teaching group classes soon led to her gaining her Certificate III and IV in Personal Training in order to pursue her passion of helping people with their health.

“I love to teach people about their body and how it works – in particular, I have a strong belief in building and maintaining a strong posture, and training with meticulous technique. There is nothing better than making an investment in your health and well-being,” said Margaret.

“I love being a PT because I get the privilege of teaching clients about themselves and what they’re capable of. I have the opportunity of revealing their strengths and encouraging them to achieve more than they thought they could – that sense of satisfaction is the most fulfilling part of my job.”

Of course, Margaret also practices what she preaches – have you seen her toned biceps and triceps?!

“I maintain my own health through mainly resistance training and a well-balanced diet that includes all food groups, but in particular, meat as a source of protein.”

Since becoming a C-Life Team Leader, her responsibilities also include working at reception and on the gym floor, training new staff and running promotional challenges for Members.

“I really enjoy working at C-Life because it’s close to home!” said the Belmore local.

“More importantly, I work with a wonderful group of people who are passionate, professional, intelligent and fun to work with. Being part of the Canterbury family gives us a wonderful diversity of members from all different walks of life, which ensures that there is never a dull moment at C-Life.”