New floors revitalises Lakemba clubhouse

Posted on Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Recently installed new floors have given the Lakemba Sports & Recreation Club (LSC) a fresh lease on life.

Established in the 1917, LSC is one of the oldest sports clubs in the area and historically was home to numerous soccer and cricket teams. Their original clubhouse was built in the 80’s and over the course of time, high foot traffic had taken a toll on its floors.

After hearing of their plight, Canterbury League Club donated $4090 to cover the cost of replacing the entire floor.

LSC is currently being used as a community hall for management committee meetings, martial arts and fitness classes, regular church services and the occasional social event. It also homes over 20 male and female soccer and cricket teams; and another two state representative teams.

“On behalf of the LSC Management Committee and the local community, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude and thanks to the Canterbury League Club for their generous grant in assisting us improve the club,” said Dr Jamal Rifi, President of Lakemba Sports & Recreation Club.