Say hello to Susan Vu from The Lakemba Club

Posted on Sunday, 28 March 2021

Susan Vu is one of the most cheerful people that you’ll ever meet – she always has a ready smile and a quick laugh for all!

Susan started her training at Canterbury League Club almost 18 years ago in June 2002 before switching to work exclusively at The Lakemba Club as a Gaming Attendant – a role that she has
continued to excel in ever since.

“My duties at Lakemba involve many job roles because I am trained in most departments and I can practically do anything requested of me,” said Susan.

“I enjoy my shifts here and I especially value how staff help each other; we are like a small family – my time working at the clubhas been a positive experience and we are a great team!”

When Susan isn’t at work, she gets her green thumbs out and enjoys gardening in her back yard.

“I am more of an accidental grower where I just throw seeds, succulents and cuttings into my garden – nothing is organised!”

Tell us something that people will only know once they get to know you better.
I love food but I have no talent in the kitchen – luckily I am married to a chef!

If you could go back in time to a 16 year old you, what would you say to her about the past 12 months?
I would tell younger me to study medicine so that I am able to help others out in these difficult times.