Stepping in tune to a healthier you

Posted on Monday, 22 May 2017

For the next 100 days 91 Canterbury staff members are strapping on pedometers and are making the pledge to be more active as part of the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge which kicked off on Wednesday 24 May.

Every year teams from all over the world compete in teams of seven to outwalk, out-jog, outrun, out-swim and out-move their competitors towards a daily target of 10,000 steps. The end goal is to improve their physical and psychological health by encouraging more exercise, healthier eating, mindfulness and improved sleep quality.

Representing Canterbury are 13 teams from the Club’s different departments including staff from Human Resources, C-Life, Engage Hosts, Warehouse, Marketing, Food & Beverage, IT and Finance. Staff have also been very creative when choosing team names – Fantastic 7, Peanut Buttter Jelly, Perpetual Motion, Trolley Runners and Red Hot Chili Steppers just to name a few.

Tiago Cardoso, Canterbury Warehouse Manager and Captain of the Trolley Runners has thrown down the first gauntlet: “What happens if we burn them [the pedometer] out from walking too much? My team is ready to go for the next 100 days and we will be bringing it!”

“It’s great to see so many staff members get involved in the Global Challenge and work towards becoming healthier and fitter. I wish everyone the best of luck for the next 100 days and I look forward to congratulating the teams at the end,” said Dave Brace, CEO of Canterbury League Club.