Temporary driveway up and running

Posted on Friday, 19 February 2016

The excavation of the new underground car park has already started in earnest. Workers are currently digging down approximately 15 meters and excavating 62,000m³ of rock and soil to build the five level car park. The car park excavation will take approximately 30 weeks and Canterbury will gain around 330 extra car spaces which will help when the Club is running at full capacity.

The new underground car park will have an entrance in a similar place to the old one and when this becomes operational, the temporary driveway will be converted into the warehouse entry ramp that connects the stores and production areas.

The gantry leading into the car park behind the Club is currently operating as a work platform for Parkview Group to build the new Banyan extension and mezzanine level. They have started pouring the concrete to form the second floor and the pylons which will hold the entire structure up. Once the concrete has set, workers will be able to start building the walls and roof. This extra extension will create space for Banyan’s new outdoor alfresco dining area which will seat an extra 200 patrons.

Parkview has done a fantastic job constructing the shell of the Bakehouse Cafe and cocktail lounge. Another company, MPA, has won the tender to complete the interior fit out of the cafe and prepare it for its opening later in the year. Once this phase of construction has been completed, it will be a beautiful light-filled space with the new café and lounge that will really engage Members and guests to use the area. Watch out for the café’s new menu in the upcoming months to find out the exciting new dishes coming to the table.

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