Creating the Memories

What creates the moments and memorable experiences here at Canterbury? It is the real, everyday people who make up the Canterbury team. It is us working together where the magic and memories happen for our guests and our community.

Our recipe for success has four key ingredients, our C.A.R.E values. It is being courteous, attentive, responsive and excellence that drives us to provide memorable moments through providing exceptional customer service.

It is how we show we truly care about our customers and our employees.

Why get up in the morning to be part of the team?

You have the ability to contribute and make a difference to the lives of our guests who come here to:

  • share a significant event in their life;
  • to feel a sense of belonging, whether it’s when they watch a game of footy or play a game of bingo;
  • to have a sense of community and a place where we know their name;
  • to see a show; or
  • to simply catch up with friends

It is the experience you provide from the moment they arrive that makes a difference.

You have the ability to be part of a team where your growth and development is valued and we seek different ways to make that happen. Canterbury also rewards and recognises your efforts in our monthly R.A.V.E. awards.

How do you contribute?


  • bring your A-game
  • come prepared to make a difference
  • give your best
  • play fair
  • have C.A.R.E. as the foundation of what you do here at Canterbury

Employee Value Proposition

What do we offer? Our Employee Value Proposition (EVP) summarises our promise and future as a growing club for both our current and prospective employees.

Our EVP contains four key themes; our C.A.R.E. values; teamwork and achievement, our friendly and diverse culture and where are we going – our future. To support our EVP and really bring it to life, the below highlights what we offer if you work for Canterbury.

1. Values

We’re passionate about our values, which define how we approach our work. We come to Canterbury every day knowing we’re provided with meaningful work and the opportunity to learn and contribute to our company’s success. Our values are:

Courtesy – courtesy counts.
Appearance – be on show.
Ready – ready to serve.
Excellence – be your best.

2. We are about teamwork and achievement

We’re a hospitality company with guests and employees from diverse backgrounds. At the same time, we understand that we need to work together as one team for the benefit and growth of our company. We’re proud of our achievements. Our commitment to excellence and our place in our industry have led us to be respected by our peers and competitors, and trusted by our guests. For us, achievement comes from always striving to do better and being rewarded for our efforts.

3. Friendly and diverse

Our brand and presence in the community is what draws people to Canterbury – but it’s the friendliness, camaraderie, sense of achievement and lasting feeling of pride that keeps them here. At Canterbury, it’s simple: we’re a place for talented people from all backgrounds and perspectives. Our diversity is reflected in who we are and what we do, in our history, the venues we manage and the community in which we operate. Diversity is part of our fabric and DNA, and key to the success of our company and the guests we serve.

4. Where are we going – our future 

Our people are the foundation of our company’s success, working together helping Canterbury to turn a great past into an even greater future.

What role will you play?