Posted on Tuesday, 17 April 2018

A joint partnership between Canterbury League Club and The Lantern Club to donate $8318 to The Northcott Society’s respite house in Roselands has seen many of their clients sleeping better at night.

The donation was used to purchase four special Airlo5 air-pressurised mattresses which help move clients while they sleep at night to prevent bed pressure sores.

“Our Roselands respite accommodation centre service provides an important opportunity for children with disabilities to develop independent living skills and for their parents/carers to have a break from the demands of caring for a child with high needs,” said Beth Heng, Roseland Centre Coordinator.

“By having these mattresses available for families who use our respite services it allows them to feel more at ease knowing their child is comfortable and their positioning is correct. It also lowers the overall costs for families as they no longer need to pay for an awake shift night worker to move their child while they sleep as the mattresses will do the work instead.”

The mattress is made out of multiple air pocket cells which are inflated alternatively by a quiet air pump. There is also a quick release valve on the side which can be activated in the event of emergency resuscitation.

“It is tough going for many parents with children with disabilities to be able to support them not just emotionally and mentally, but also financially. Aside from the positive physical benefits, these mattresses are also helping a lot of families save money which can go towards other costs of caring for their child,” said George Coorey, Chairman of Canterbury League Club.