Posted on Friday, 18 August 2017

In September, workers will move in to start demolishing the Banyan Brasserie to make way for a brand new restaurant called ‘The Bistro’. Hoarding has already gone up however while construction is happening, Banyan will still continue to trade with a limited menu of club favourites. Please click here to read more about the new changes.

In other development news, construction of the underground car park at the front of the Club is going at a cracking pace with the sunny weather that Sydney has been experiencing of late. Workers have finished building up the five basement levels and are now in the process of curing the concrete roof which forms the level ground for landscaping to be installed. It is a complicated process with many levels to form and intricate stepped planter boxes. Beautiful flowers and trees will eventually be planted in the boxes.

To service the new underground car park, a glass lift will be installed at the front of the Club that will arrive on the edge of the lush new gardens. Guests will be able to enjoy the view before making their way into Canterbury.

The hive of activity above ground on the car park is matched by the activity that is happening underneath it – workers are fitting out services in Basement Levels 5, 4 and 3 including hydraulic pipe works, lights, mechanical exhaust fans to pull air from the basements, fire sprinklers and the new parking guidance system.

At the Club’s front entrance, hoarding is going up over the Western side escalators so that workers can safely dismantle them and remove the landing steps at the base leading up to it. Once the space has been demolished a brand new set of escalators will be installed, angled slightly differently, so that the base will be level to the ground floor to match the design of the Eastern side escalators as well as to ensure the safety of our Members and guests.

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