Busting stress the healthy way

Posted on Friday, 20 June 2014

A local eight-week program showing women how to tackle everyday stresses is proving popular with mothers.

The Living Calm for Women program, run by the Lakemba & Wiley Park School as Community Centre (SaCC), teaches participants how to utilise natural ways to achieve better health, improve their family and social lives, and safely manage stress.

“All the participants have young children – some at school as well as some pre-schoolers and babies – and as their family lives are very busy, this course offers some time out and an opportunity to look after their own needs,” said Wendi Etherington, Centre Facilitator of Lakemba & Wiley Park School as Community Centre.

This program looks at different elements that impact stress levels and teaches participants alternative strategies to manage it. Each week qualified homeopath, Antonietta Natoli, leads the participants and covers a variety of topics including relaxation and breathing techniques, healthy diet eating and reducing toxicity around the household.

Some of the activities participants get to try their hand at include making an assortment of juices and smoothies, sampling a variety of herbal teas and other foods with healthy properties, and making their own beauty products from natural ingredients.

Extra benefits of the Living Calm for Women program include addressing the social isolation issues that migrant women experience. By participating in a group program, participants have the opportunity to meet and mingle with other women in similar situations.

Regular supporters of community health programs, Canterbury League Club donated $6,000 which went towards hiring the qualified natural health practitioner and childcare costs for the duration of the program.

“Programs like this promote increased mental and physical well-being in participants and this will allow them to be better carers to their families,” said Dr George Peponis OAM, Chairman of Canterbury League Club.