Canterbury Supports the Community

Posted on Thursday, 2 August 2018

Canterbury League Club has been a generous supporter of community-based projects for several years.

This year has been no different, with more than 100 projects receiving support and assistance.

‘Canterbury has fully supported projects that benefit and give back to the community,’ said George Coorey, Chairman of Canterbury League Club.

‘This year, we have had the chance to support projects such as school fetes, providing monetary donations to help parents and carers that have premature babies through the Miracle Babies Foundation and we have provided signed Bulldogs merchandise to multiple charity raffles.’

Canterbury’s ClubGRANTS program is a partnership with the community that keeps on giving.

Some of the community-based project that Canterbury League Club has supported throughout the year include:

  • Provide NICU packs for premature babies through Miracle Babies Foundation
  • Organising and subsiding a swim program for local schools in the area to learn more about water safety
  • Supporting Maronites On Mission through monetary donations and providing staff to help with the monthly food runs by preparing and handing out the food
  • Providing Participate Australia with a 6-week cooking program run by Head Executive Chef, Stephanie Azar

The Club supports the community groups through monetary donations and in-kind donations.

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