Chefs take Canterbury on a food adventure

Posted on Monday, 19 October 2015

Leading Canterbury’s team of chefs is Head Chef Kamal Mudunkothge. Kamal has recently joined Canterbury with 19 years’ experience in the industry working in five star hotels, restaurants, cafes, function centres and clubs.

The cooking bug bit Kamal early on when he was 7 years old after he learned how to cook omelette with whatever food he can get his hands on.

“My mother was a great cook, I used to watch her mix and match, creating amazing flavours from herbs and spices. I got used to the smell of lovely aromas and hunger for good food. I learnt a lot from being around her and I found cooking quite rewarding which what sparked my passion for it.”

“I always relished a good challenge – it’s great having to manage Canterbury’s multiple dining outlets like Flame Pizza + Grill, Banyan Brasserie, cafes and functions. I’m loving it! My vision is to turn Canterbury into a memorable food beverage destination.”

Kamal credits his team for helping him achieve this vision: “I have a very passionate team of chefs. The staff here are fantastic; everyone is really supportive and a great team makes it a lot easier to achieve our goals.”

“I want our patrons to see Banyan as a go-to place for a family lunch or dinner and where we serve club favourites – comfort food and value for money; Flame as a diners’ restaurant which offers a premier a la carte menu with a full table service experience with food cooked and prepared with the finest ingredients; and for our Private Functions to cater to our customers’ expectations and demands. We work hard to go that extra mile to give them what they really want and to ensure they have a memorable experience while they are dining at Canterbury.”