Clubs unite in support of children with learning difficulties

Posted on Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Local clubs have united to address literacy and numeracy levels across schools in Canterbury with specialist intervention programs focusing on children with learning difficulties and disabilities.

“The joint club initiative by Canterbury League Club, Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL, Lantern Club and Campsie RSL has been of great value to the Canterbury community,” said Learning Links CEO, Birgitte Maibom.

“Research indicates that in Australia, 5% to 15% of children are affected by learning difficulties and disabilities.

“The vital support provided by the clubs has allowed Learning Links to deliver specialist services to children who are at risk of falling behind. Those who don’t acquire the necessary skills at an early age can fall further behind at school, widening the gap between them and their peers,” said Birgitte.

Some of the programs which ran at local schools included literacy support at Canterbury Public School, numeracy support at Lakemba Public School, a ‘Reading for Life’ program at Croydon Park Public School, a ‘Counting for Life’ program at McCallums Hill Public School as well as a professional development day for primary school teachers where they learned skills on managing children with learning difficulties and how to better help them.

This joint initiative between the four clubs was recognised as a Finalist at the 2017 ClubsNSW Clubs & Community Awards.

In 2018, the four clubs have pledged to donate $85,000, an increase of $35,000 from the 2017 program, to help grow the program to extra schools and teachers in the area.

“Our collaboration with Learning Links and the other local clubs just shows the amount of good that can be achieved when organisations work together to become a driving force in improving the education outcomes of children living within our community. We look forward to growing this project in 2018,” said Dr George Peponis OAM, Chairman of Canterbury League Club.