Culinary competitions shines on local NSW talent

Posted on Thursday, 3 August 2023

On Tuesday 1 August 2023, over 350 chefs, industry experts, and food enthusiasts gathered at Norths Cammeray where ClubNSW’s Perfect Plate award ceremony unfolded in a whirlwind of excitement and culinary delight.

Canterbury League Club’s chef team including General Manager of Food & Beverage Stephanie Azar and Executive Chef Ryan Liu were there to represent the Club’s two competition entries, The Bistro’s Wattle Seed Rub Lamb Cutlets and Bakehouse Café’s Crispy French Toast.

The annual cooking competition and award ceremony isn’t just about recognizing winners; it is a celebration of a shared love for food, an occasion to inspire the next generation of culinary artists, and a reminder that, in this world of many flavours inspired from many cultures, there’s room for everyone to thrive.

“Canterbury didn’t take home any prizes this year, but the Perfect Plate competition is always a fantastic chance for our up-and-coming chefs to test their culinary skills and have their time to shine in the spotlight. We wanted to give them that platform to show off their creativity and grow in their careers. Congratulations to all the clubs who won, we look forward to competing again next year,” said Stephanie Azar, General Manager of Food & Beverage.

“Special mention to Chef Sophia Navosailagi who led the team this year with her creation of The Bistro’s entry of Wattle Seed Rub Lamb Cutlets – it was such a popular competition dish amongst our Members, that we are bringing it back in The Bistro’s next menu refresh!”