Fighting fit for taekwondo champ

Posted on Wednesday, 22 January 2014

In their free time, most other 15 year olds would be hanging out with their friends, going to the movies or playing computer games.

Not Deanna Kyriazopoulos.

This 15 year old is currently training seven times a week over six days to prepare for the 2014 US Open Taekwondo competition to be held later in February.

“It is mentally and physically exhausting but I love competing and I love the adrenaline rush that I get when I step on the mat before a fight,” said Deanna.

Her passion for taekwondo doesn’t leave much time for a social life but Deanna said she is used to it.

“It is very challenging to balance a social life, schoolwork and training. Training has a demanding schedule and sometimes it is frustrating when you have to say no to your friends for a party or the beach. However it is part of my life now so I am just used to that routine.”

Deanna picked up the sport of taekwondo at the age of five as a way to improve her flexibility. Since then she has won numerous state titles including gold in her division at the recent 2013 Taekwondo Australia National Championships held in Brisbane.

She is currently training under Australian Olympic Taekwondo Coach, Ali Khalil, at Global Martial Arts in Hoxton Park. Deanna hopes to wear the green and gold and represent Australia in the Olympic Games one day.

Canterbury League Club is proud to support Deanna who is currently fundraising to help with her trip to the 2014 US Open. Anyone who wishes to donate and help Deanna achieve her goals can contact Sam Kyriazoupolos on