Getting locked up for a good cause

Posted on Friday, 11 April 2014

The Canterbury foyer was temporarily transformed into a mini mock gaol cell in support of Belmore Police Citizens Youth Club’s (PCYC) annual fundraiser, Time 4 Kids.

Time 4 Kids is an opportunity for local members of the community, business owners and high-profile people to participate in PCYC’s fundraiser to highlight youth crime prevention and youth development. ‘Inmates’ volunteer an hour of their time to be locked-up for charity and then raise bail through community donations in order to be set free.

Amongst some of the volunteers doing time, Bulldogs five-eight Josh Reynolds, Canterbury Director George Coorey, Canterbury CEO Dave Brace and Canterbury Toyota Principal Dealer Kean Booker all good-naturedly donned mock prison uniforms and did their bit to support PCYC.

“We see Belmore PCYC as being able to play an integral role in the development of Belmore and surrounding communities. Events such as this allow members of the community to join us and with their ongoing support, the club will continue to grow and become a thriving hub for local youth to hang out,” said Nathan Lovett, Belmore PCYC Manager.

Asides from providing the space, Canterbury also contributed $1000 towards Belmore PCYC’s fundraising efforts. In total over $8000 was raised and all donations collected go directly to the Belmore club to purchase new equipment, improve services and upgrade facilities.

“It is a great initiative for kids that are not so fortunate, to have a place to get away. I grew up in Belmore and I had mates who visited the local PCYC; for some youth it’s hard growing up and your parents aren’t there to guide you. Having a place to visit like the PCYC is great for these kids and a chance to put them in the right direction,” said Josh Reynolds.