Have a cuppa to support cancer prevention

Posted on Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Hungry Canterbury Members and staff rallied behind Cancer Council Australia and raised $1118.95 at the recent Canterbury’s Biggest Morning Tea.

Tables set up in front of C-Life Health Club and laden with bacon and egg rolls, yogurt and fruit cups, baked goods and tea and coffee proved tempting to many who were only happy to support Cancer Council’s cancer research and prevention efforts.

Staff were invited to participate in a hotly contested bake-off which was judged by Canterbury CEO Dave Brace and COO Jon Brain. Staff member Branka Gorsevski, from Finance, was eventually crowned the winner with her delicious macadamia slice which beat out the other entries to win a $100 Peter of Kensington gift voucher.

In a lovely twist, the macadamias Branka used for her macadamia slice were actually from her own macadamia tree which she cracked and roasted herself to use in her recipe. Judge Dave Brace said it was a unanimous decision to award Branka with first place and that she was welcomed to cook up him up another batch any time!

Thank you to the wonderful staff who donated their baked goods and thank you to everyone else who supported the day! яндекс