Horizon Theatre – Let’s Quit This Bull

Posted on Thursday, 1 November 2018

Canterbury League Club has donated $16,400 to Horizon Theatre in Wiley Park which will go towards their new project ‘Let’s Quit This Bull’.

‘Let’s Quit This Bull’ is an intervention workshop that uses drama, dance and music to let participants discuss and express their emotions about bullying.

The project is aimed at 15- 24-year-olds from diverse backgrounds who are living in the Canterbury area.

Each workshop allows the participants to work as a team and create performances while taking turns to be both victim and abuser.
The performances are recorded and uploaded on Horizon Theatre’s website for future reference.

The workshops conclude with the participants being asked what the bully is trying to achieve and how the situations can be resolved.

“I would like to thank Canterbury League Club for providing the opportunity to create projects like this. Bullying has always been a problem and anything we can do to ameliorate its consequences is particularly urgent,” said Maddy Slabacu, Artistic Director of Horizon Theatre.

The workshop is being delivered to over 150 young participants across the Canterbury area.

“This is a really terrific project that deals with a challenging societal issue in a unique and engaging way” said George Coorey Chairman of Canterbury League Club.

“We have all seen the impact of bullying and how it can impact negatively on people’s lives. The workshops are a great way to let young people express themselves and at the same time learn new skills to deal with bullying.”

For more information about Horizon Theatre visit horizontheatre.org.au