Posted on Saturday, 14 October 2017

Since the last magazine, work has really ramped up and there has been a lot of progress on all construction areas at the Western wing of the Club.

New bathrooms on the first floor were unveiled several weeks ago – there are now even more toilets in the male and female section, sleek golden doors which open to the disabled toilet cubicle and grand floor-to-ceiling water features near the wash basins.

On the Western side, work to raise the roof of the building has been completed – at the front section of the first floor, the roof now steps up from three to five meters. The extra height noticeably increases the amount of light streaming into the Club and also allows for large dramatic ceiling decorations and lighting to be installed soon.

Moving on to the basement level, the new underground basement kitchen, storage and cool rooms have now been built underneath The Bistro. Tradespeople will continue to come through to finish extra services like electrical wiring, tiling and painting, installing cool room motors and final kitchen equipment. The new kitchen will be delivered at the same time as stage 1 of The Bistro opens to provide extra support to the main kitchen during peak trade.

The driveway leading into the multistorey car park behind the Club has also had some traffic diverted as builders demolish the left-side lane in order to free up space to build an underground concrete column which will support the new building above it.