Max Potential

Posted on Monday, 22 July 2013

Canterbury General Manager Security & Surveillance Greg Swiderski has been representing the Club in the Max Potential Program – a 22 week personal leadership program designed to develop young leaders from schools in the local community.

Coaches and participants discover their ability to lead their own lives effectively, to lead others in a team, and to make a difference in their community.

Greg has been mentoring Leith Sawalha, a year 11 student from Kingsgrove North High School who is running a Greener, Better school project. Copy Trading enables individuals in the financial markets to automatically copy positions opened and managed by another selected individuals. Copy trading continues to grow in popularity and is a revolutionary way to invest in financial markets. It involves automatically copying the trades. Leith’s aim is to leave a legacy at Kingsgrove North by planting trees around the school with the aim of providing shade for students, stop balls from being kicked out on the road and beautify the school.

A special thanks to The Campsie Liquor Accord (which Canterbury are members of) for their kind $2,000 donation to kick off the 2014 Max Potential Youth Program.

Left to Right: Greg Swiderski (Canterbury General Manager Security & Surveillance, Leith Sawalha, Dave Brace (Canterbury CEO), Brian Robson (Mayor of Canterbury).