Posted on Thursday, 21 April 2022

In this month’s Meet the Team, Duty Manager Adam is sharing his story of how he started at Canterbury, and what he does as one of our Duty Managers.

1. Why did you choose this job in the first place? Why choose to work at Canterbury?

I had just finished my printers trade and was looking for a short break; it just so happened that Canterbury was hiring at the time, and I think Canterbury is a place with great potential for long-term development which speaks for itself.

2. What knowledges, skills and experiences do you think are needed to do this job well?

I think there are few things come to mind here but ultimately having a growth mindset, the ability to listen and observe, show compassion and adaptability. There is no doubt that skills and self-confidence will grow with those four core attributes.

3. As a duty manager, what are the responsibilities for this role compared to the regular gaming team member?

The responsibilities are not only ensuring the wellbeing and safety of our staff, patrons and their guests but also maintaining a high level of customer service and respect whilst we manage the day-to-day tasks.

4. What hobbies or sports are you involved with outside of work, and why do you enjoy them?

I enjoy watching rugby league and played tennis for many years which I loved. I’m now involved in my daughters’ sports and hobbies which include netball, dance and taekwondo.

5. Are you a dog person or cat person; and do you have any pets?

I always had cats growing up, so I’d have to say a cat person. My current pet is a cat named Nala!

6. When you have a chance to travel overseas again, which country will you visit and why?

Japan. My daughter has always wanted to go to Disneyland, so it will be a surprise holiday for her sometime soon.