Meet The Team – Janet McQuilty

Posted on Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Meet Janet McQuilty, who has worked at Canterbury for over 22 years.

You may recognise Janet’s friendly face from The Bistro, where she greets diners and takes their orders.

Each week, Janet takes over 300 orders at The Bistro for the classic schnitzel making it one of the most popular dishes on the menu.

Before working at The Bistro, Janet worked at the original Coffee Shop at Canterbury.

Members may remember that the Coffee Shop was located where Lavico Italian Ristorante now resides.

Janet was skilled as a barista and could whip up anything from lattes to hot chocolate and milkshakes.

In 2009, after breaking her wrist, Janet found out she was unable to grip the coffee machine and her days as a skilled barista were cut short.

This pivotal life moment opened up an opportunity for Janet to work in the Banyan Brasserie, which was located where The Bistro now is.

Janet is now part of a dynamic team that takes over 4,000 meal orders a week.

Janet’s job role doesn’t only include taking orders at The Bistro. Janet ensures the right amount of cutlery is available, the sauces are ready and the specials are added to the board making The Bistro ready for service.

The attention to detail Janet provides has a massive impact on a restaurant that serves over 900 people on a busy night.

‘When I first started, where Lavico is situated was a coffee shop and where C-Life is was the bistro. I have been lucky enough to witness the growth of the Club and to be part of the changes,’ said Janet.

‘I like working at Canterbury League Club. If I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t have been here for 22 years!’

Janet’s job is one of many that helps create memorable experiences for Members and Guests.

When Janet isn’t working at Canterbury, she likes to spend time with her 6 grandchildren and her one great-grandchild.