Posted on Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Members might not know Mary White in Payroll but to many staff members, hers is a familiar face – she makes sure all staff get paid! Mary forms part of the administrative backbone of Canterbury and is indispensable to the daily running of the Club.

“I always remember my start date on 1st July 1999, the first day of a new financial year because as a payroll officer, that is the busiest time of the year! I had just started at Canterbury and already I had to prepare group certificates for employees so it was a hectic time. Luckily, I previously worked at Mounties Club, so I was experienced in the club industry,” said Mary.

Mary started working in payroll before there were computers – staff hours were worked out manually and employees were paid in cash.

“Payroll has changed so much since then but there is still a lot more involved than just pressing a button. My door is always open to staff with any enquiries as I understand the importance of receiving their wages on time. Staff now call Wednesday payday ‘Mary’s Day’.”

To Mary, working at Canterbury is more than just a job.
“My favourite part of working here is the friendships that I have made with my fellow employees and how you become as close as family. Canterbury is like a second home to me; I always enjoy having lunch at The Bistro and having my favourite chicken schnitzel with gravy.”

Mary has the passion for travelling and exploring countries not usually on the beaten path to learn about their culture, food, people and their history. To date, she has visited over thirty countries and will keep on adding to the list. Some of the countries she has visited recently include Egypt, Israel and Jordan. Her next adventure this year will be taking her to Kenya for a wildlife safari and then to Ethiopia.

“I have read that Ethiopia has the least toilets in the world so I’m preparing for that adventure and being out of my comfort zone,” said Mary laughingly. Best travel tip from a veteran traveller:
“Always check your luggage tag and tie a coloured ribbon around the handle of your bag to make it easier to identify!”