MKR Meets Canterbury League Club

Posted on Monday, 2 July 2018

Six individuals from Canterbury League Club and Participate Australia’s cooking program have graduated with flying colours.

The students were mentored by Canterbury League Club’s Executive Chef Stephanie Azar for 6 weeks. The memorable experience provides an opportunity for individuals with intellectual disabilities to cook simple and easy dishes which they can replicate at home.

“I enjoy the cooking classes with Stephanie, as cooking in the production kitchen is like being in the MKR kitchen,” said graduate Diana Khoury.

“My favorite part of the cooking program is learning from Stephanie and collaborating with others. I enjoy taking turns to try what Stephanie has shown.”
“Once or twice a week, I help my mum cook. I love to cook Tabbouleh and Fish with Tahini sauce.”

Under Stephanie’s guidance, the students learn that anyone can cook while having fun in the kitchen.

“I enjoy teaching the small knit classes, as they are always bursting with energy and smiles as I teach them my little chef tricks,” said Stephanie Azar.

“I have taught the students how to cook a mix of mains, sides, salads and even desserts.”

“Being part of the program is one of the highlights of my career. I have watched the students become involved in the entire cooking process from preparing and cutting ingredients to cooking the dish and kindly serving and eating what they have cooked. The journey of watching them cook has been remarkable.”

The graduates from the cooking program are able to apply the skills that they have learnt when they are living independently.

The cooking program began in 2017, and there are plans to increase the number of classes offered.