Posted on Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Canterbury’s redevelopment is another step closer to completion with the opening of the new permanent driveway in April.

The new driveway links up to the existing rear car park and is the final permanent entry – the temporary driveway has been closed for demolition and will eventually become the entrance to the underground loading dock. One of the features of the new driveway is its two exit lanes, one to head left towards Lakemba and one to head right towards Belmore, which will make it easier to exit the Club.

The new underground car park at the front of Canterbury is almost complete – workers are currently installing the lifts and ventilation. At the same time, work is also being done to wire up speakers, CCTV cameras, and paint the car park line markings, signage and level numbers.

On the Western front of the Club, the hoarding has come down to reveal the skeleton formwork of the new extension. There are two different companies on site currently working on the extension – Parkview is completing the fitout for The Bistro’s outdoor al fresco area while MPA are working above them to complete the outdoor balcony area.