New Western escalator operational again

Posted on Thursday, 23 November 2017

For some it is just a set of simple escalators but for Canterbury, delivery of the new escalators back to Members and guests mark the beginning of great new things happening on the Western wing of the Club.

Aside from providing escalators that now run all the way from ground floor to the first floor for the safety and convenience of users, those escalators also mark the entrance of the new The Bistro, stage one of which will be completed shortly. Already the basic structure of the new restaurant is taking shape behind the hoarding with a newly-located bar, café and restaurant servery currently being built.

In order to cater to the 650 patrons when the final stage of The Bistro is completed in mid-2018, the bar has been upsized to provide service at two sections. Also receiving the mega treatment, is the size of the back-of house kitchens which have been rotated 90 degrees to increase the efficiency of service. The new wash up area is twice the size of the former one and there are multiple cool rooms to store ingredients.

Front of house is also getting the star makeover treatment with brand new carpets and tiles installed in the patron seating areas. The ceilings have also been stripped in readiness for the new extravagant birdcage-style feature ceiling decoration which will be installed in the next few weeks. Hoardings will still be in place towards the right-hand side of The Bistro as workers construct the external al fresco area which will be ready mid-2018.

“We are very close to delivering stage one of The Bistro to Members and guests and this will be a welcome addition to Canterbury’s Dining Precinct. When The Bistro is fully complete it will be one of the biggest restaurants in Sydney,” said Dave Brace, CEO of Canterbury League Club.

In other areas, as Members and guests step off the new Western-wing escalators, they will be greeted by custom-made feature ceiling light decorations which were designed by craftsmen in Czech Republic. It was a herculean effort to install the crystal mesh that mimics woven ribbons floating in the air and installers had to painstakingly drill 400 hanging points just to hang it – however it provides a very dramatic backdrop to compliment the newly-raised ceiling heights.