Pre-construction works have begun

Posted on Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The first stage of Canterbury’s renovations have commenced with excavations underneath Flame Pizza + Grill to prepare for future back of house works. This initial construction work involves the excavation underneath Flame but will only result in minimal disruption to Members and Guests. Flame is now closed for lunch on Wednesday and Thursday because of the excavation noise but it still trades for lunch Friday to Sunday. Dinner and breakfast trade is unaffected.

The first stage of the official redevelopment is expected to commence in early March with works focussing on excavating and building the new 450-space underground car park at the front of the Club. Once completed, Members will be able to enjoy the ease of finding car spaces with the newly-installed parking guidance system which uses a combination of signs and bay indicators. This new car park will also have complete undercover access to the Club via a lift that will deliver you to the main entrace.

While the new car park is being completed, Members will still be able to enjoy unrestricted access to the multi-storey car park behind the Club as well as parking at the front.

Members may have also noticed some landscaping works at the front of the Club. This work was to replace all of the diseased palms and to temporarily relocate some mature plants in the construction zone that will be re-used in the final design. The main area of pre-works construction is from Flame to the Foyer which will house Canterbury’s new 24 hour cafe.

As part of works to begin on the new café, the two snooker tables in the Bulldogs Sports Bar have been relocated and stored temporarily. They are currently unavailable but will shortly be reinstated in the Indoor Sports Bar.

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