Responsible gambling program provides immediate assistance

Posted on Monday, 18 April 2016

As a founding member of the successful BetSafe program, Canterbury has always been committed to providing a secure and comfortable environment for all our Members and guests.

The BetSafe program was created in 1998 by gambling counsellor and author Paul Symond in consultation with Canterbury and a number of other leading New South Wales registered clubs. BetSafe is a comprehensive responsible gambling program that offers a complete range of services to minimise problem gambling and assist those who are affected by problem gambling.

Canterbury Members who struggle with problem gambling have access to BetSafe’s 24-hour telephone and face-to-face counselling with trained professionals and the choice of self-exclusion from the Club.

“BetSafe’s counselling service is one of the most comprehensive problem gambling counselling services in Australia, meaning appointments are available inside and outside of business hours and we do not have any limits on the numbers of sessions clients can attend,” said Daniel Symonds, Manager at Betsafe.

“A first-time caller may be reassured that they can receive immediate support and that the information they provide will be confidential. In many cases, callers are seeking information or referral to counselling or self-exclusion or seeking information about problem gambling or alcohol related issues.”

Canterbury takes its responsibilities very seriously and all supervisors and senior managers are trained to provide immediate assistance to anyone in the Club who asks for help for a gambling problem.

“Supervisors and managers are not expected to be counsellors but rather to be caring and supportive of the Club’s Members and guests. A person who asks for help can be sure of being heard by an empathetic listener who will be discreet and helpful,” said Daniel.