St Basil’s Oxi Day a blast for residents

Posted on Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Residents at St Basil’s Nursing Home celebrated Oxi Day in a big way this year when a group of Canterbury League Club staff volunteers threw them a party.

Over 100 residents from the Lakemba nursing home joined in the festive atmosphere and there were lots of laughs, conversation, Greek music and dancing. Canterbury also provided catering for the afternoon tea and served Greek mezze platters and desserts.

“St Basil’s is one of our key community partners and this was a perfect way for Canterbury to give back to the local community. Residents at nursing homes can sometimes feel isolated and alone because they might not get to see their families as often – a festive day like this, which encourages interaction and participation, can go a long way towards improving their day and putting a smile back on their faces,” said Dave Brace, CEO of Canterbury League Club.

Martha Arakas, Marketing & Development Coordinator at St Basil’s said: “Thank you so much to Canterbury League Club for such an amazing celebration. We really appreciate all the work and effort that the staff have put in to make the day such a success. It was a real Greek “glendi” (celebration) and I think, speaking on behalf of residents and staff, that it was an unforgettable event.”

“Thank you to all the staff who volunteered their time and energy on the day. It was fantastic to see everyone enjoying themselves on the day,” said Dave.