Sunshine power help save electricity costs

Posted on Friday, 29 December 2023

Whilst not visible from the street, Canterbury’s rooftops, covered with hundreds of newly installed solar panels, will soon be harnessing the power of the sun to help the Club reduce its energy costs.

AGL has just completed the first stage, installing 217 panels. Stage two, starting in the new year, will see another 198 extra panels join the first lot and in total, will help generate 190.9kWp for the Club.

For comparison, a typical residential house will have enough roof space for a 5-8kWp solar system.

“Clubs like Canterbury are perfect examples showing the benefits of solar panels – we are a community destination where people visit during the day, which is when the panels are generating the most amount of power,” said Greg Pickering, CEO of Canterbury League Club.

“The Club uses a lot of energy to run things like air-conditioning and heating, refrigeration for food stock, lighting and so on. Our Members and guests can be proud of this sustainable addition to Canterbury, helping reduce our carbon footprint together.”

The Club’s structural engineers are also assessing feasibility to add more solar panels to other roof sections so stay tuned for further announcements!