Umbrellas cast a welcome shade at local hospital

Posted on Friday, 29 January 2021

Staff and visitors to Canterbury Hospital have been enjoying the summer sun safely in the shade thanks to a $5,000 donation from Canterbury League Club which helped purchase seven outdoor umbrellas.

The umbrellas were installed at the hospital’s canteen outdoor dining area and provides people with a shaded place to sit during the day.

“Since installing the umbrellas there has been a significant increase in staff sitting outside for their breaks,” said Sue Baker, Community Participation & Volunteer Manager at Canterbury Hospital.

“It is important for staff and visitors to have the opportunity to sit outside during the day, enjoy some fresh air and relax outside of the ward.”

Part of the funding also went to purchasing a sunscreen dispenser to help remind people to apply sunscreen when they are outside.

“This new equipment will improve the surgical experience for people having ENT surgery and reduce their overall recovery time,” said Sue.

“Skin cancer is the fourth most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia; sun protection is an important strategy to minimize the risk especially during the summer months. It is fantastic to hear hospital staff and visitors have been utilising the umbrellas and that our donation is making an impact,” said Paul Dunn, Chairman of Canterbury League Club.