Wonderful response to winter clothing drive

Posted on Wednesday, 29 June 2016

The call out for warm winter clothing really resonated strongly amongst Canterbury Members and staff if the sheer scale of donations received over the month of June is anything to go by.

Mid-way through the month, volunteers had already sorted and packed over 25 large bags full of blankets, linen, jackets and men’s and women’s clothing. By the end of the charity drive, the number of bags had more than doubled to 65 bags thanks to the generosity of everyone who participated.

Over the next few Thursdays, volunteers from Maronites on Mission and Canterbury staff members will be distributing donations of clothes and blankets to the homeless who attend their weekly food runs.

“Thank you to everyone who donated items to our winter clothing drive – the response we’ve received over the past month has completely exceeded our expectations. It was wonderful to see the community band together to help one another,” said Dave Brace, CEO of Canterbury League Club.