Want a great place to work with room to grow? How Adam Muir found an unexpected career at Canterbury League Club 

If there’s one person who exemplifies the incredible opportunities at Canterbury League Club, it’s Adam Muir! Adam joined us part-time in 2005 while weighing up his career options. Little did he know his “short-term stint” at our club would lead to a fulfilling 18-year (and counting!) career. Our friendly Gaming Duty Manager has seized every opportunity to step up at Canterbury. But what truly keeps him coming back every day is a supportive, caring team that feels like family. 

A home away from home

Each time Adam Muir steps through the welcoming doors of Canterbury League Club, he feels like he’s come home. Our club is a place where he’s felt valued, respected and supported to be his best ever since he joined us in 2005. 

“I’ve been part of the family-friendly culture here for so long; it’s really embedded in me,” Adam says. “I genuinely treat Canterbury as my own home and my own business, and I take great pride in ensuring everyone – from our team members to our customers – feels at home here, too.”

And what a lively home it is! As Gaming Duty Manager, Adam ensures the smooth running of our world-class gaming floor. With more than 600 machines, hundreds of patrons at any one time and a close-knit team to support, each day brings variety and challenge – and Adam wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I’m always challenged, I’m always ready for anything! A lot goes on behind the scenes to ensure we maintain and enhance Canterbury’s exceptional standard of customer service. I also want to offer that same standard of care to our staff. It’s important to me that my team members feel supported and listened to and that they can approach me with anything.” 

A quiet achiever who’s driven to make a difference, Adam is a true role model to our younger staff. And he’s a fantastic example of the magic that can happen when you join our team!

“Before I joined Canterbury, I’d actually been working in graphic design but realised it wasn’t for me. I needed a part-time job while I decided what to do next. So, I started working at Canterbury as a Gaming Attendant. I really enjoyed it – the culture, the staff, the customers. Very quickly, I felt this was the place for me, and I’ve never looked back!”

Real growth and opportunity

Eager to learn and grow, Adam has fulfilled a range of roles at Canterbury League Club. He’s been mentored by senior staff to develop his confidence and leadership skills, and he’s even gained experience working at The Lakemba Club – one of our two satellite clubs.

“Within six months, I’d trained in about five different job roles. I basically started from scratch and trained in everything from customer service, gaming and serving drinks to cash handling and cash management. Canterbury offers people all the training they need, and most of it is in-house. And because we’re such a large venue, there are so many opportunities to try different roles. There’s a lot of career progression if you want it.”

Adam had been working full-time as a Workstation Assistant when he welcomed his baby daughter into the world. Spending time with his young family became his new priority, and he realised he needed to dial back his work hours. 

“Canterbury was very understanding and offered me reduced hours. They were so accommodating. It meant I could be there for my family, and I will always be grateful for that.” 

Once his daughter reached school age, Adam began working full-time again, and in 2021, was promoted to Gaming Duty Manager. 

Now, Adam is the mentor, looking after our new staff and emerging leaders. 

He and his team also enjoy the range of employee benefits at Canterbury League Club – including free season passes for Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs games, 50% discounts on food, and discounted membership of our C-Life Health Club. 

“It’s a great gym. It’s open 24 hours as well, so when we finish a shift, we can do a quick workout before we go home.” 

Looking for a team that values your growth, rewards your efforts and treats you as a whole person? Join Canterbury League Club today!