Jordan Kotsiras started his career at Canterbury in 2022 when an opportunity for a summer internship opened up at Canterbury League Club. He was just about to complete his Bachelor of Commerce (Management and Marketing) from The University of Notre Dame and thought an internship would provide fantastic practical experience to help complement his studies.

As luck and good timing would have it, an opportunity for a full time role as Marketing Assistant became available just as he was finishing his internship with us. Jordan happily accepted and is on his pathway to becoming a well-rounded professional by helping Canterbury’s Marketing Department run Food & Beverage promotions, club competitions and promotions, Member communications and other related campaigns!

Helping showcase Canterbury as a community

Jordan kicks off his mornings in the office by catching up on his work emails before starting work on his marketing projects – some days he can be planning a new promotion, briefing our in-house Graphic Designer for artwork, writing stories or crafting member communications – no two days are ever the same! 

His helpful and hardworking personality means that he always get the job done: “Customer or promotion-related queries? Consider them handled!” 

“My personal strength is thinking of and designing eye-catching emails for Canterbury and C-Life Health Club patrons. My goal is to make Canterbury feel like more than just a place — it’s a connected community.” 

In the last 12 months, Jordan has worked on applying his theoretical knowledge from university to real-life work as well as deepening his understanding of marketing within a business environment. His valuable skills also extend to supporting Canterbury’s two smaller satellite clubs, The Lakemba Club and Moxon Sports Club.

He also takes pride in learning new skills that help him accomplish his work: Software such as Adobe Photoshop and InDesign initially posed a challenge to me as I hadn’t used these programs before and it wasn’t taught at uni. I got an opportunity to attend a Adobe InDesign Essentials course in the city earlier in the year and after lots of practice and trial and error, I now know and enjoy creating content on these platforms.  

Family and health matters

Jordan’s life journey is deeply shaped by the ongoing support of his family, especially his parents, who provide advice and comfort during good and hard times. Similarly, he has a very close-knit group from high school who offer not only their companionship but a safe space where he can open and authentic. Shout out to his group of friends! #friendsforlife

In his downtime, Jordan prioritises his well-being by attending the gym 3-4 times a week: “Maintaining physical fitness is not just a personal goal for me, it’s a practice that enhances my mental health.”   

He is also a keen sports enthusiast with a deep passion for soccer and trains weekly. He loves jumping on the field with his mates and competing in low division matches which he claims is “a funny one to watch” from a player’s perspective as well as a spectator since the players can get up to all sorts of entertaining antics on the field! 

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