Meet Juliana Mariscal, one of our amazing Gaming Attendants – she has only been at Canterbury for a year but she has embraced the challenge of learning new tasks with her positive energy and enthusiasm! In her short time with us, she has picked up a lot of new skills, made new friends and even expanded her language repertoire by learning how to say a few things in other languages.

She is a bubble tea enthusiast (who wouldn’t be when they are that delicious!), loves keeping physically and mentally fit by going to the gym, and is a massive fan of kimchi and bulgogi at Korean BBQ with her friends.

Learning and growing in her role

Juliana started working at Canterbury League Club a year ago and has already made a positive impact in the workplace – as a Gaming Attendant, she has embraced the challenge of learning new tasks and taking up new roles.

“I started off as a runner on the gaming floor, bringing patrons their food and drink orders, before I moved to attending, where I take and receive patron orders on our hand-held tablets. Over time, I had the opportunity to learn other roles such as attendant and working in the bar. The ever-changing aspect of the job is something that I really enjoy; I like the flexibility and wide variety of job roles and the versatility of skills that I get to learn – there are lots of opportunities to apply for roles that interest you.”

As well as learning and developing new skills, Juliana’s enthusiasm, energy, and friendly demeanour has made her a quick favourite amongst regular patrons.

“My favourite thing about working at Canterbury has been being able to meet many people with different nationalities and languages, and just learning about each other. I recently learned how to say ‘thank you’ in Chinese and just seeing the customer’s reaction and the smiles on their face, makes me feel good to show that I care, and they are pleased to see me try.”

Enjoying the company of those around

One of her many joys of working at Canterbury is the chance to build strong relationships with her work colleagues. “The staff make my time at work so much fun. Working in hospitality has its ups and downs, having a team that I feel comfortable with and being able to talk openly with just makes me feel relaxed. It is great having work colleagues that are this friendly!”

There have been many occasions where Juliana has enjoyed funny moments between other staff and even with customers. “There was that one time where I tried to say, ‘how are you’ in Chinese, but I must have mispronounced it to mean something else like ‘pig’. They told me what it meant, and I felt a bit awkward but at least I was able to put a smile on their face and enjoy a little laugh with them.”

Life outside of work: Bubble tea, working out and friends

Juliana’s work at Canterbury isn’t the only focus in her life – keeping fit and working out is a hobby that she loves as it keeps her mind focused and energetic so she could then provide the best service at work. “Before work I like going to the gym to de-stress and prepare myself for my eight-hour work shift, and then after that I will get a bubble tea from Gong Cha. I like staying active and keeping up with my fitness.”

She, like lots of other people, also enjoys hanging out with her friends and having a good laugh with them in her free time. “I love to hang out with my friends on the weekend. Sometimes it’ll be with some of my co-workers, and we will go out together. One of my favourite things to do is to have Korean BBQ – that is honestly one of my favourite things to eat – I can’t get enough of it!”

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