Where customer service can take you: How Lorriz grew his career, spurred on by an amazing attitude!

Since Lorriz Santiala joined our food and beverage team in 2015, he’s delivered the best in customer service. But his true passion has always been IT. So, when an IT Support Officer position became available at Canterbury League Club in 2022, we were stoked to offer Lorriz the role.

Since accepting it, Lorriz has been thriving. He’s upskilling and growing his IT knowledge while being supported by his new team every step of the way. And while Lorriz may have left his cafe days behind, the relationships he built with our wonderful guests remain as strong as ever!

Finding his ‘happy place’ 

As a young adult, newly arrived in Australia, Lorriz Santiala was incredibly shy. He never, ever dreamed he’d excel in hospitality. And yet, when Lorriz joined our Food and Beverage Team in 2015, he quickly became a favourite among our guests. We’re pretty sure that’s down to his charming ability to connect with people on such a genuine and personal level, but let’s hear it in Lorriz’s own words! 

“I still talk to all the regulars even now I’ve moved into IT. Like when I see them in the restaurant, they’ll say ‘Hello! Hello!’ I’ll ask them how their day is and how their kids are. It’s like they’re my family, you know? The older people, I look at them as my grandparents. They always joke with me, they say ‘Make me a coffee!’ It’s quite flattering,” Lorriz laughs, “They say ‘No one makes good coffee like you make it!” 

Even though it would be hard now to imagine Canterbury League Club without Lorriz as part of the team, it was a lucky accident he came on board.

It happened like this. Lorriz was working full-time in the hotel industry when he got a call from his old boss and friend, our then Restaurant Supervisor, Joel Eckersley. Joel  asked if Lorriz could help out with a couple of shifts during a busy period. So, Lorriz started working evenings and nights with us after his hotel shift. He figured it would only be temporary but soon came to appreciate the friendly culture at Canterbury League Club. 

“When I first started here, Canterbury League Club seemed like a very happy place. I noticed a lot of people had been working here for so long, so I thought, ‘Yeah it must be a happy place’. And it is! It’s still the same now – I get along with everyone easily. I have no problems!” 

And Lorriz’s old boss? We’re pleased to say he’s now our Bistro Restaurant Manager, and he and Lorriz are still good friends!

Creating opportunity 

When Lorriz migrated to Australia from the Philippines as a 20-year-old, he was a freshly-minted computer engineering graduate looking to build an IT career. But Lorriz got a huge shock when he learnt that Australia didn’t recognise his degree. In an all-too-common story for many migrants, Lorriz found himself working in various roles in hotels. Yet he never lost sight of his passion for IT and his desire to use the skills he learnt during his degree. 

That’s why when the IT Support Officer position became available, we were pleased to offer it to Lorriz. And yes, we expected Lorriz’s IT skills would need some developing, but we knew he could do the job! How’d we know? Because of his attitude as a barista. Lorriz’s commitment to customer excellence saw him create so many magical memories for our guests. He’s always demonstrated an amazingly easygoing and optimistic nature – whatever’s thrown at him he takes in his stride. 

While offering the role to Lorriz was a no-brainer for us, for him, it still came as a surprise. 

“I didn’t expect it because I hadn’t done IT for so long. But I was thrilled! The IT Manager Rhys, who’s now my boss, personally told me I’d gotten the job. He said the way I greet customers, my friendliness, these qualities I’ve got, that’s what he wants me to bring to IT.”

After waiting for many years in Australia to build a career in the direction he wanted, Lorriz values the opportunity Canterbury League Club has given him. 

“The club gave me a chance and they can give that to other people as well. If you want to progress in your career, Canterbury League Club is the best place. I recommend it to a lot of people – but only to good people!” Lorriz laughs.

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