Want to inject some fun and variety in your day? For Susan Vu, every day at the The Lakemba Club is a reason to smile

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting The Lakemba Club, you’ve probably heard a certain giggle in our satellite venue. That infectious laugh belongs to Susan Vu, our fun and bubbly Gaming Attendant! Susan has been part of the Canterbury League Club family since 2002, with Lakemba being her second home for more than 15 years. What’s kept our cheerful all-rounder with us for so long? Variety, fun, and knowing she’s a cherished part of our customers’ lives.  


A second family

The Lakemba Club may be a smaller venue than Canterbury League Club, but its heart is just as big – and its loyal patrons would probably say it’s bigger! They’d also no doubt agree that the heart and soul of our satellite club is Susan Vu.

Susan has built a rewarding career with us for more than 20 years. Her role title may be Gaming Attendant, but she’s mastered just about every role at The Lakemba Club – from making toasties and coffees in the café to cash handling, reception duties, serving in the bistro, and more. 

“I love the variety,” Susan says. “We’re a smaller venue, so we’re trained across all aspects of running the club. We’re great multi-taskers! And being smaller means we get to know the customers really well. A lot of them have been coming here for years, so you build those nice relationships. If I have a couple of days off, they ask me, ‘Where have you been? We’re glad you’re back!’ It’s like a second family.”

Susan began her hospitality career at Canterbury League Club in 2002, working mostly in the evenings so she could spend her days looking after her two young sons. 

Five years later, she switched to The Lakemba Club – and she hasn’t looked back! 

“I can’t believe I’ve been here for 20 years – it’s gone so quickly! If you enjoy what you do, you don’t see it as work. Hospitality suits my personality – I love meeting people, and every day is different. I don’t think I could ever do a 9-5 office job where each day is the same. Here, there’s never a dull moment!”

A team that has your back

Ask Susan what she loves most about The Lakemba Club, and she’ll tell you it’s the cosy, family vibe and being part of a supportive, close-knit team.

“We’ve got a great little team – we all jump in whenever we’re needed and help each other out. We have a lot of fun, too. We’re always joking around and laughing. Our team ranges in age from about 18 to 65, so having the opportunity to chat with the younger ones keeps someone ‘mature’ like me grounded!” Susan chuckles. 

Although The Lakemba Club is the perfect place for a quiet cuppa or meal with friends, there’s always something happening – and Susan certainly adds her vibrant personality to the mix!

“I would say I’m bubbly, funny and loud. I always have to remind myself, ‘OK, turn it down a bit, Susan!’ When we have bingo and it’s meant to be quiet, everyone can hear me laughing, and I get told, ‘Susan! Bingo’s on!’ And I say, ‘Oh, sorry, I forgot!’” 

Of course, we wouldn’t have Susan any other way – and neither would our customers. 

“The customers always tell me to keep up the good work and keep laughing. I joke and say, ‘No, I have to be professional sometimes!’ And they laugh and say, ‘Susan, you? Professional? Ha!’”

Susan excels in her role by making the most of Canterbury League Club’s many learning and development opportunities. She’s also been recognised time and again for her outstanding contribution to The Lakemba Club’s ongoing success.

“Management is great at thanking us for doing a good job. We’ll receive thank you letters and gift vouchers. Sometimes, they’ll buy us lunch. We can also nominate other staff members for awards. They put on a really great Christmas party each year, too! So, you do feel appreciated, which is nice.”

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